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Quantify your externalities


Identify your CSR objectivesand achieve them


Inform your stakeholders and get them on board

Establish your responsible investment strategy.

Reporting 21 offers a robust metrics platform with an advisory overlay to work hand-in-hand with financial institutions in creating an ESG and Impact strategy.

Meet compliance requirements.

The regulatory landscape is constantly shifting and it's critical to stay in compliance with new rules. Reporting 21 is deployed in over 120 countries and translated into six languages to help our customers stay in compliance. We guide investors on changes to regional regulations and our platform integrates EU Taxonomy, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules, and other regional obligations.

Evaluate risks and investment opportunities.

Reporting 21 creates due diligence reports that give investors a comprehensive view of target acquisitions. Our reporting identifies the main ESG stakes, the maturity of the company on these stakes and the associated risks and opportunities of your target acquisitions. The depth of our analysis is adapted to your needs and to the context.

Benchmark performance over time and report progress on your investments.

Reporting 21 monitors the ESG and Impact performance of your investments. Once you define the reporting scope, we can provide intelligence on scoring methodology and data collection, producing on-demand reports for all your investments.

Improve the ESG performance of your investments.

Based on the specific needs of each company, Reporting 21 provides ad-hoc support, from the definition of a CSR strategy to its operational rollout and the monitoring of performance indicators (e.g. responsible purchases, carbon footprint assessments, ISO certifications).

Train your team.

Reporting 21 conducts ESG training to educate your team on regulatory changes and shifting market practices. This allows your team to adapt and speak confidently with portfolio companies and investors about sustainability.

Define and measure your impact.

Reporting 21 evaluates your fund's definition of sustainability and helps you monitor and implement a methodology that stays in alignment with your commitment.

Assess climate risk.

Understanding the physical, social, and data risks of climate change during pre-investment due-diligence or ongoing reviews of your portfolio is no longer optional. Reporting 21 helps you define your climate policy, assess your portfolio’s performance, and pivot strategies as the climate trajectory shifts. Our platform also calculates a company's carbon footprint and provides data - all under one roof.

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