3 good reasons to join us.


By joining us, you contribute to the sustainable transformation of companies. At Reporting 21, we support our clients over the long term, guiding them to comply with regulations and make their business practices evolve.


Thanks to a transparent and respectful management, close to the teams, and a high level of requirements, your daily life will be stimulating and rich in learning. You will have a high level of responsibility and prospects for rapid career development. Reporting 21 offers the right balance between initiative and autonomous work.

Team spirit.

You will be part of a dynamic, young and committed company. Everyone can create their own personal path, while participating in the collective development of the company.

Our mission, every day.

Vision et mission

Yannick Grandjean

Dirigeant et Fondateur

Clients internationaux et mesure d'impact

Giorgia Davidovic

Consultante senior

De consultant à consultant senior

Jérémy Rasori

Consultant senior

Sens au travail et développement professionnel

Amandine Stérin et Lucie Collard



At Reporting 21, we are committed to choosing the right people to join us and to help them grow throughout their career.From the recruitment stage, we pay particular attention to the expectations of the candidates and their alignment with the needs of Reporting 21. The integration is then a key moment that allows each talent to find its place and then to build its career.Our recruitment process follows 5 simple steps:

Step 1

You like an offer? You can apply on sirsa.welcomekit.co ›

Step 2

If your profile matches our expectations, we contact you to plan a first meeting with the Recruitment Manager.

Step 3

Then, you meet a Consultant.

Step 4

Then you meet with the Director of Operations.

Step 5

Finally, you have the opportunity to discuss directly with the President and founder of Reporting 21, based on a practical case to prepare during the interview.

Recruitment follow-up.

Whatever the decision, you are kept informed of the evolution of your application after each step. If your profile is validated after the last interview, you will receive a hiring proposal!

For trainees.

You will have a one-hour interview with the person in charge of recruitment and a consultant, after which we will give you a quick answer. And if you are in an end-of-study internship, it can lead to a permanent contract.

Integration and training.

On the day of your arrival, the whole team will welcome you over breakfast to get to know you.You will also meet your referent, who will guide you during your first days at Reporting 21 and throughout your career. You will benefit from a complete training program on three aspects: personal development, tools and methods, sectorial and technical expertise.