The meaning behind the name Reporting 21

In June 1992, leaders from around the world came together in Rio de Janeiro to draft a comprehensive plan of action to curtail human impact on the environment. The plan was called Agenda 21 and was adopted by 178 governments that December.

Reporting 21 was established to help financial institutions and companies track their sustainability metrics in accordance with the Agenda 21 protocol. A lot has changed in the last 30 years and Reporting 21 continues to adapt.

The principles that guide us

No lectures. No lessons.

Companies are at all different stages of their sustainability journey, and we want to help them help the planet. Our job is to make data usable and informative. That’s it.

We succeed when you succeed.

Reporting 21 employs senior consultants to answer questions about the most material metrics to track in your industry, regulatory changes, and even provides training when requested. We want this to be a true partnership.

Truly “soft”ware flexibility

Most organizations need some customization to make data meaningful for them. We encourage as much – or as little – customization as you need to be successful.