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Managing Partner


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CSR Director


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For the world leader L'Oréal, monitoring the extra-financial performance of all its projects and countries is essential to achieve the long-term objectives set in its Sustainability strategy.

Software & Advisory

  • Structuring and deploying the monitoring of the extra-financial performance of the Group's sustainability framework program in all its countries and zones within Reporting 21
  • Monitoring of the extra-financial performance and impact of the Solidarity Sourcing, Carbon Balanced and L'Oréal Foundation projects on Reporting 21
  • Supporting the redesign of the Extra-Financial Performance Statement (DPEF) and its integration into the Single Registration Document
  • Facilitation of audit and internal control procedures

Following its IPO, Europcar turned to Reporting 21 to define the pillars of its CSR strategy and the associated action plans.

As the Group has many entities and brands around the world, the monitoring of extra-financial performance and the consolidation of data must be carried out at several levels.


  • Deployment of Reporting 21 throughout the Group: 15 countries, 5 brands and support entities, over 700 indicators
  • Modelling of the carbon footprint on the platform, automatic calculation of the carbon footprint on an annual basis, contribution to the calculation of the Group's 2°C trajectory
  • Annual update of reference systems, integration of regulatory obligations


  • Co-construction of the Group's CSR strategy and CSR performance monitoring framework, stakeholder consultation and creation of the materiality matrix
  • Alignment of the CSR strategy and DPEF with the Group's strategy and regulations
  • Analysis of audited data

MAIF relies on Reporting 21 to identify and analyze its extra-financial risks, collect its performance indicators and the associated best practices within a Group of over 7,000 employees.


  • Deployment of Reporting 21 throughout the Group: collection and analysis of DPEF, carbon footprint...


  • Elaboration of the DPEF: identification and evaluation of extra-financial risks, collection of policies and actions implemented to mitigate risks, assistance in drafting the document
  • Support in the transition to the status of Mission Company: survey of actions deployed within the Group and associated monitoring indicators, definition of the Mission roadmap, assistance in drafting the first Mission report
  • Creation of the Group's first Mobility Plan

A long-time client of Reporting 21, Eurazeo has based its ESG strategy on our SaaS solution since 2014 and develops new dimensions every year.


  • Data collection and management for the annual reporting campaigns, on the entire Eurazeo perimeter
  •  Development of an ESG rating methodology for investments, integrated into Reporting 21
  • Development of an impact calculation module: using the data collected in Reporting 21 and sector benchmark data, Eurazeo has developed a methodology to calculate the avoided impacts each year for each of its holdings
  • Automated calculation of PAI (Principal Adverse Impacts) based on information reported by companies  
  • Calculation of the portfolio’s carbon emissions


  • Assistance in managing reporting campaigns

La société de gestion Five Arrows a recours au logiciel et à l’expertise conseil de Reporting 21 pour structurer, piloter et communiquer sur sa démarche ESG.


  • Collection of ESG data from the majority of Five Arrows' direct and indirect investments
  • Consolidation of the data and assistance in the design of reporting formats


  • Assistance in the formalization of ESG documentation, including pre-contractual documentation for Article 8 and 9 funds (SFDR)
  • Training on ESG regulations for the Paris and London teams

A client of Reporting 21 since 2019, Ardian uses the software for a growing share of its asset classes each year, with the goal of centralizing all ESG data on this single platform.


  • ESG data collection and management on several asset classes and automatic annual rating
  • Annual review of the rating methodology and settings
  • Specific setup of Reporting 21: customized import matrix, implementation of an SSO to simplify the connection of the collaborators, creation of a score card by manager...


  • ESG data analysis and verification 
  • Strategic support for certain asset classes: comparative study, support in the ESG report design, etc.